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West Marin

FOREST KNOLLS          INVERNESS          LAGUNITAS          MARSHALL          NICASIO          OLEMA          POINT REYES STATION          SAN GERONIMO          TOMALES          WOODACRE

West Marin is the largest rural region in Marin County, encompassing 350,000 acres of rolling hills and dramatic coastline. The enchanting destination includes a population determined to preserve the town’s natural beauty. Among the towns of Point Reyes Station, Marshall, Inverness, Tomales and San Geronimo Valley, residents and visitors enjoy hiking along the coast and through the woods bird watching, whale watching, and viewing an abundance of wildlife. Unique animals that can be seen in this area are elephant seals, deer and tule elk. The list of activities offered in the West Marin neighborhoods is abundant for visitors and residents. With beaches to explore, wonderful bicycle paths, picnic areas, horseback riding, golf, kayaking and digging for oysters, the outdoor opportunities are endless and are often accompanied by a comfortable, Mediterranean climate.

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