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Beth & Lee Adams 
Greenbrae & Corte Madera

Lee: "When we became pregnant, unexpectedly, with our third child we needed more room which meant selling our smaller Corte Madera house really fast to be able to buy a larger home in Greenbrae. We thought we had about a 3% chance of success—but we forgot to factor in that we were working with Courtney. "

Beth: "She presented our offer to the Sellers and their agent in-person and told a really compelling story as our advocate. When she listed our Corte Madera house she was able to accommodate our chaotic schedule, and nap times were taken into consideration. She even brought nice personal staging things from her home to augment what we had."

Lee: "Then she brought us multiple offers on our house within a few days—for more money than we ever thought we’d be able to get. Courtney just has a way of making things happen. Her determination is incredible. All of that is a sign of caring about her clients and wanting what is best for them."

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