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Beach Towns

Bolinas            Stinson Beach       Muir Beach

The string of coastal and agricultural communities within and around Bolinas, Muir Beach and Stinson Beach are encompassed by some of the most picturesque surroundings in Marin County. Muir Beach is a small town comprised of about 150 homes surrounded by the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, diverse wildlife, and beautiful beaches. Stinson Beach includes over three miles of soft sand, parks, the Dipsea Trail, a town market, and a good selection of restaurants and shops. Bolinas is the oldest unincorporated coastal community in Marin County known for its secluded and private atmosphere. Separated from Stinson Beach by a small waterway which leads the ocean waters into the Bolinas Lagoon, the two towns band together for an annual tug-of-war contest across the channel. The Bolinas Lagoon is also a favorite spot for sea lions, otters, cranes, and other wildlife. Residents and visitors of each of these cities enjoy breathtaking sunset vistas over the Pacific Ocean, along with surfing, fishing, hiking, exploring along the coast and Mount Tamalpais, and many more incredible outdoor activities. Only thirty five miles north of San Francisco, and in one of the most affluent counties in the nation, this region is close to major metropolitan areas yet is a sanctuary for those lucky enough to escape the stress of modern America.


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