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Ross is located in Marin County approximately 18 miles north of San Francisco over the Golden Gate Bridge. Ross is 1.6 square miles and has about 2,450 residents. The town center includes the Ross Common, the nationally renowned Ross School and the charming Ross commercial area. The appeal of extraordinary homes gives the town of Ross its distinctive character with only about 884 housing units. Many beautiful, luxury homes remain in Ross representing the city’s high-end lifestyle. The Town Council strives to preserve and enhance its historical, low-density character and identity. Ross is spacious, extremely safe, and offers schools that continually rank among the highest in the nation. Its crowning jewel is the Marin Art and Garden Center, which features art, history, horticulture and environmental programs. The Ross Valley Players produces diverse, professional quality live theater that evokes, entertains, and enlivens the human spirit. Ross also provides easy access to the Mount Tamalpais hiking and biking trails. Phoenix Lake is nearby and offers outdoor recreation with views of the surrounding hills.


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