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Ryan and Zoe Koonce,
Corte Madera

"Courtney Whitaker is an amazing, trustworthy, and incredibly hard-working real estate agent.  She really educated us on the real estate market in Larkspur & Corte Madera. 

It's not an easy market to buy in and you definitely have to be aggressive. 

She never rushed us, but guided us in the process the whole time. 

Courtney works night and day answering questions, checking in, writing offers, making sure everything is where it needs to be to get the deal done. 

We finally had an offer accepted (after 4 offers, maybe more? - crazy competitive!) only to have our lender fall through unexpectedly. 

She didn't give up - she managed to get a great home mortgage consultant  to meet with us on a Saturday. She spent 4 hours studying our finances and together they managed to close the deal. 

We're super excited!  Courtney will listen to you, she'll advocate for you, and give you great referrals - we highly recommend her!"

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